TTC is committed to working and growing with the newest generation of theatre makers. Whether your specialties are creative or technical, or you're looking to explore an interest in production, marketing, media, or theatre, The Theater Collective offers a 12-week long for-credit internship program dedicated to providing educational tools for jumpstarting your career. 

Please send a cover letter and resume to with the title "INTERNSHIP - (your name)". Tell us about yourself and be real; what do you think is lacking in theatre today, how you feel you can contribute to TTC, what you are hoping to learn, and any other information you feel is necessary. 

SUMMER 2018 DEADLINE: April 30th

FALL 2018 DEADLINE: August 1st


TTC is committed to working with directors who are progressive thinkers both in a theatrical and cultural sense. We seek to work with those who are eager to open a dialogue through their work by challenging social and political norms, as well as breaking theatrical barriers. If you think you would be a great fit for TTC or just want to throw your name in the hat, please e-mail us at with the title "DIRECTOR - (your name)" for consideration. You may include the following information:

  1. an artist statement (250-500 words)
  2. a link to a portfolio of your work
  3. video footage relevant to your work as a director (optional)
  4. letter of recommendation (optional)