Artist of The Week: Sommer Carbuccia

The Theater Collective is proud to introduce our first ever artist of the week, Sommer Carbuccia. Born in Dominican Republic, Carbuccia grew up in Miami, Florida before moving to New York City for college. After graduating NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Carbuccia split his time performing, auditioning, and teaching.

Recently Carbuccia partook in the Telemundo performance in NBC’s upfronts, where a Latino ensemble sang “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman. Carbuccia is currently working on Andrew Rosendorf’s new play, Paper Cut, in which he plays an amputee war vet who loses his leg to an IED. Sommer himself is an amputee. Halfway through his undergrad—as a musical theater major— he required emergency surgery to remove his right leg. Carbuccia is especially enthused with Paper Cut as it presents its lead character, Kyle, as a dynamic individual, undefined by his disability.

“He happens to be disabled,” explains Carbuccia, “It’s important to see us as well-rounded people, not just all about the ‘leg’ thing. We fall in love, we fight, we can be the villain…” Carbuccia’s advice to anyone going through a similar circumstance is to proceed using humor. “I joke about it all the time. I deal with it through comedy. If that’s helped me, it could help someone else. Find a way to laugh at it.”

Although Sommer’s love and career is performing, eventually he hopes to work on the other side of the table, in producing or casting. “Our industry is hard because of money.  I have so many talented friends; if I have the ability to help out I would.”